Like a light bulb going off in a dark room honey badger was born kicking and screaming into this world on the idea that finding the quintessential light was almost as gruelling as dealing with the DMV.

To end this madness three dedicated friends designed lights that not only were affordable but broke the mould of boring standard lighting and the over-the-top disco-type lighting that dominate the South African market today.

After many cups of coffee it was decided that the lights should be handcrafted using raw natural materials ranging in size, design and colour to provide the precise amount of ambience and illumination to any space.

Once crafted the friends stood back and realised mysteriously their creations worked equally well in modern, traditional and rustic settings.

Providing Top Quality Eco Friendly Designs.

With the recent feelings resembling the excitement of the crazed doctor who invented Frankenstein they decided to venture out into the market.

By word of mouth alone Honey badger has supplied lights to restaurants, local and international households and boutique stores within months of launching.

With an unending passion for the project the friends, the coffee machine and the forever haunting reminders of the “DMV comparison” Honey Badger has ventured to design unique and impeccably made items in and out of the spectrum of lighting and will continue to bring you new products regularly… Watch this space!

Making use of eco friendly materials.

Top Quality Workmanship on all products.

Unique & Modern Lighting Designs.